Kaps for Kids Partnership with Phi Kappa Theta Chapters

Kaps for Kids LLC has a unique partnership with all Phi Kappa Theta chapters.  The partnership is mutually beneficial: chapters are constantly looking for innovative philanthropy ideas and Kaps for Kids LLC is looking for a reliable supply of diverse bottle caps to convert into products.  Kaps for Kids is a concept in which all Phi Kap chapters nationwide can participate.  This partnership is only offered to Phi Kappa Theta chapters.   

Here's how it works:

  • For every 250 metal bottle caps that a chapter collects, Kaps for Kids LLC will trade 25 caps of high value bottle cap art products to raise money (direct sale, auction, raffle, etc).  For reference, a bottle cap rose is made from 25 caps.  A mosaic can easily have over 1,500 bottle caps.  

  • Chapters should bring bottle caps to Regional Leadership Conferences and National meetings in order to reduce shipping costs and direct more funds to charities.  Please contact Nathan Rues at Kaps for Kids before bringing your chapter's caps.

  • Kaps for Kids LLC product can be available at regional leadership conferences for chapter to exchange for bottle caps upon request.  Custom products are available upon request.

  • Proceeds from Kaps for Kids LLC product shall be deposited by the chapter in the Kaps for Kids designated fund within the Phi Kappa Theta Foundation, a 501c(3) charity.

  • Kaps for Kids LLC does not take a charitable deduction for product provided to chapter, therefor customers of the product are eligible to claim their donation as a full 501c(3) tax deduction.  

  • Kaps for Kids LLC will allow a single chapter to have up to 1,500 bottle caps of product at one time at which point sale proceeds need to be deposited in the Kaps for Kids directed fund in order to receive additional product.

  • These terms are subject to change in the future.

The Do’s:

  • Do – Establish relationships with restaurants and bars in your chapter's area.
  • Do – Be consistent.  Pick up caps from your collection partners every 1 to 2 weeks.  If you don't, they will forget.
  • Do – Bring plastic shopping bags to quickly swap out with the filled bag.  Businesses are more likely to keep collecting for you when you make it painless for them.
  • Do – Send us all twist and pry off metal bottle caps even if they are bent.
  • Do – Keep your caps in a clean and dry location
  • Do – Send us bottle caps of other materials (including plastic) and sizes under 3" diameter (milk, soda, etc)
  • Do – Send us any wine corks and tops.
  • Do – Send in your caps once your box hits two gallons or more.

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t discard bent caps, we can use those too.
  • Don’t send us dirty caps.
  • Don’t send us garbage or refuse of any kind.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me.

Nathan Rues '02

Missouri MU at Missouri S&T